A2C Push-pull Automatic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Key Features:

•Fully automatic lock body, automatically lock the door when closing.
•Automatically refresh and verify one-step unlocking.
•Built-in fingerprint reader,effective protection and hiding.
•One-key unlocking, safe and convenient.
•Complete voice guide,can be operated without manual.

Product Detail

Product Tags

A2C is a top-of-the-line design using full-sensing technology, including an anti-drip head and relative movement separation with a tapered barb. Its simple and smart appearance makes it a leader in the global smart lock industry.The exquisite painting process on the surface, clear and transparent satin stripes, bright satin luster, full of vitality and elegance, all kinds of fashion and practicality, are full of promising technology in the future.


A2C Push-pull Automatic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Main Function:
I. Various Access: Fingerprint + Password +IC Card Key + Mechanical Key
II. One Touch Fingerprint Verification
III. Indicating Light
IV: Password Protection: You can add any digits number before or after the right password;
V: Automatic Locking: After unlocking , the lock would be locked automatically in 30s.
VI: System Protection : If you input wrong fingerprint or password more than 5 times in 1mins, the lock would make alarming voice and be frozen 3mins.
VII: USB emergency battery power
VIII: English Voice Prompt

Basic Specification:

User Capacity:100 Groups
Unlocking Way:Fingerprint + Password + Card + Mechanical Key + Remote Control ( Optional)
Operation System:Classic Voice Prompt

Battery:4PCS* AA Alkaline Battery
Emergency Power:5V , USB
Alarming Voltage:<4.8V

Plates:Zinc Alloy
Mortise Lock:304 Stainless Steel

Keypad Screen
Material:Tempering Glass

Working Environment

Electric Character
Static Current:≤40μA
Dynamic Current:≤140mA

About Tenon
TENON is a leading brand of product and service solution providers in the field of smart locks in China.In addition, Tenon is a professional technology development company that integrates scientific research, design,manufacturing and marketing in the field of smart home. Tenon has first-class research centers and laboratories for high-standard system research and quality control.Meanwhile, Tenon’s modern smart lock production base has a high-standard dust-free workshop with 4 SMT production lines. In product production, Tenon has studied various doors and usage scenarios to adapt to the needs of more scenarios, thereby providing a variety of smart locks,which can be selected in varous scenarios such as real estate projects, residences, commercial offices,hotels,etc.

Global Market Statistics
Tenon focuses on global markets in Asia,Europe,North America, South America, and the Middle East.

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