1. Q: Delivery time

A:  30-45 Days for mass production

2. Q: OEM and ODM

A:  Tenon can offer OEM and ODM service

3. Q: How to change lock direction ?

A:  The directions can be changed easily, please check the user manual.

4. Q: If the electronic parts do not work , how to open the door ?

A:  You can insert one pin to the restart button to restart the system. If still do not work,you can open the door by the mechanical key.

5. Q: How do adjust locks for different door thickness ?

A:  The lock is ok for 40-120mm wooden or metal doors, please adjust the accessories for different thickness.

6. Q: If the battery is dead, how to open the door ?

A:  The lock is with one USB emergency power, you can charge it by battery bank.

7. Q: How to restore to factory mode ?

A: You can clear all records by the system menu or inserting one pin to the “ Clear “ button .

8. Q: How long can the battery work ?

A: Around 12 months ( based on 8-10 times everyday )

9. Q: Is it ok for outdoor application ?

A: Our lock is with IPX54 waterproof level for light rain or water sprinkling , but it would be better to install them indoors.

10. Q: If i input wrong password or fingerprint, what would happen ?

A: If you input wrong password or fingerprint more than 5 times in 1mins, the lock would make alarming and the system would be frozen for 3mins.

11. Q: If the mechanical key is lost, how can I do ?

A: The cylinder is changeable, please change the cylinder if the key is lost.


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