Tech Specs

K3 is a new generation of mini-protection Bluetooth smart fingerprint lock. Its stylish and simple design,frosted metal texture, and the unique structure of the U-shaped handle give full play to its functions.It only takes 30 minutes to install, and its pathway settings suitable for more scenes. The top semiconductor fingerprint reader is good at distinguishing fake and shallow fingerprints.You can choose a variety of unlocking methods,such as fingerprint,Bluetooth and mechanical key. It is also suitable for double latches(latch bolts and fixing bolts), which means more safety. Passed 200,000 professional laboratory tests to ensure lock quality.Start to eliminate traditional locks and get an innovative door opening experience!


Basic Specifications
1.Unlocking Way: Fingerprint + Mechanical Key + Bluetooth(optional)
2.Operation System: Classic voice prompt
3.Screen Material: Acrylic
4.Mechanical Material : Aluminum Alloy
5.Working Power: 4*1.5V AAA alkaline battery
6.Working Environment:Temperature:-20℃~80℃; Humidity: 20%~90%RH
7.Electrical Performance:User Capacity: 20 Groups;Static Current: ≤30uA(single);Dynamic Current: ≤140mA

About Us
TENON is a leading brand of product and service solution providers in the field of smart locks in China.In addition, Tenon is a professional technology development company that integrates scientific research, design,manufacturing and marketing in the field of smart home. Tenon has first-class research centers and laboratories for high-standard system research and quality control.Meanwhile, Tenon’s modern smart lock production base has a high-standard dust-free workshop with 4 SMT production lines. In product production, Tenon has studied various doors and usage scenarios to adapt to the needs of more scenarios, thereby providing a variety of smart locks,which can be selected in varous scenarios such as real estate projects, residences, commercial offices,hotels,etc.

Global Market Statistics
Tenon focuses on global markets in Asia,Europe,North America, South America, and the Middle East.

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