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Жиі қойылатын сұрақтар


Q: What is the main advantage to use smart locks?
  • Safety & Reliability

The security of fingerprint locks is more unique than mechanical keys, because there are no duplicate fingerprints in the world.

  • Convenient & Effective

Using a fingerprint lock to unlock the door is convenient and effective. The fingerprint lock depends on the unlocking method including fingerprint and password. Don't worry about taking the key, and the key has been lost.

  • Fashionable

The use of smart locks is still not popular, but smart homes are a symbol of quality life.

Q: Is it safe to use a smart lock?

Fingerprint verification identifies users by comparing the characteristics and details of different fingerprints. It involves image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, mathematical morphology, and wavelet analysis subjects, etc. Significant differences of different people or fingertips verify the accuracy and uniqueness of fingerprints for personal identification. The control direction is different each time, and the origin of the force is also different, which affects different degrees of conversion and including a lot of fuzzy fingerprints. The key to fingerprint verification technology is how to extract biometrics to achieve correct matching.

When the fingerprint lock is the activation medium in the lock industry, this means that the possibility of fingerprint cracking is 1/15000000000. From this perspective, there is no doubt that the fingerprint lock is the safest way to lock and unlock.

Q: How to choose the smart lock manufacturers?
  • Safety

The main responsibility of the smart lock is to protect the home safe. Therefore, if the smart lock cannot guarantee basic security, there is no need to consider other details. Therefore, if the smart lock cannot guarantee basic security, there is no need to consider other details. How to judge smart lock safety? We can analyze according to the following points: what is the cylinder level? what is the cylinder grade? Is the fingerprint head a semiconductor? Is the handle the military-free handle? Is the true plug core?

  • Quality

If there is no good smart lock, the smart lock is the core evaluation of smart lock manufacturers, which proves that smart lock manufacturers are not good at all.

  • Customer Services

Smart locks are mechanical equipment, and because we cannot avoid troubleshooting, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive after-sales service.

Q: What kind of elements to pay attention to?
  • Quality Authentication

Reliable quality smart locks must pass high-quality certification.

  • Brand Recognition

It depends on brand recognition. With the vigorous development of the global smart lock market, the smart lock brand has become the only certainty. However, consumers must pay attention to the difference between brand and trademark. The trademark is registered, and there is a certain degree of brand recognition and public praise for a brand. Therefore, investors should know whether it is a real brand when choosing a brand.

  • After-sales service

The smart lock is consumable, and it is necessary to maintain. High-quality after-sales service is very important, and companies will need to pay a lot of money for rescheduling costs.

  • Manufacturer Qualification

The manufacturer does not have the production qualification and the corresponding certificate program, so the smart lock sold to the user is a product without an ID card.

Q: How to choose a high quality smart lock?
  •  Smart Lock Function

An excellent smart lock can blow a whistle, sound an alarm, connect to a dedicated APP, and record unlocking activities for the immediate push.

  • Smart Lock Materials

When choosing the smart lock material, please check the appearance color. The smart lock made of pure copper is polished and dulled. The stainless steel smart lock is lighter than the copper smart lock and has obvious characteristics, that is, the color and shape are not too diverse. Zine alloy smart locks are available in a variety of colors and shapes, including various releases and sliding.

  • Smart Lock Brand

A true smart lock needs to settle for at least 5 years, otherwise, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, so after-sales service is required.

  • Excellent After-sales Service
Q: What if the door cannot be opened with the smart lock?

When the door cannot be opened by fingerprint access, please check if it is caused by the following reasons:
Misoperation 1: when hearing the voice about "Di", press the handle immediately.
After pressing the fingerprint, users will sound the "Di" voice first, and the control system has been responded. The motor is still not rotating, so the rotating handle is idle to unlock the door. About 1 second later, users hear the voice prompt of the "Da!Di!Dang!Di!", then press the handle to unlock the door.

Misoperation 2:The external handle droops too much, and the user still needs to press the handle immediately.

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