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  • Designed for commercial,multi-family and mixed-use applications, Tenon offers the products with the tradition of excellence today.We believe smart living is all about technology supporting the way we want to live, and making it a little bit easier and more convenient. A strong sense of science and fashion aesthetics are perfectly integrated at this time. Tenon has conducted research on various doors and usage scenarios to adapt to the needs of more scenarios, thereby providing a variety of smart locks that can be selected in various scenarios such as real estate projects,residential buildings,and commercial offices,etc.

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Гуандонг АП Тенон Сциенце. & Тецх.Цо., доо.

  • 8. спрат, бр.3, пословни центар Ханки, округ Паниу, Гуангзхоу, Кина
  • Продаја: 0086-020-61932298Подршка: 400-997-0090
  • info@aptenontech.com
  • Понедељак-петак: 9:00 до 18:00 субота, недеља: затворено

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