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Automatic lock function to ensure home safety.

Tenon provides a variety of unlocking methods for you to choose from, which fully meet various scenarios and home automation needs.

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TENON is a leading brand of product and service solution providers in the field of smart locks in China. In addition, Tenon is a professional technology development company that integrates scientific research, design, manufacturing, and marketing in the field of the smart home. Tenon has first-class research centers and laboratories for high-standard system research and quality control. Meanwhile, Tenon’s modern smart lock production base has a high-standard dust-free workshop with 4 SMT production lines. In product production, Tenon has studied various doors and usage scenarios to adapt to the needs of more scenarios, thereby providing a variety of smart locks, which can be selected in various scenarios such as real estate projects, residences, commercial offices, hotels, etc.

Tenon is a national new high-tech & professional technical enterprise in China, rewarded as top 3 of the “Chinese Top10 Smart Lock Brand”, incorporated into the Chinese strategic new industrial composite index components, selected into the “2015 NEEQ value list”.Tenon acquired many awards such as ” The Most Growth Potential NEEQ Enterprise”, ” 2016 Deloitte-Guangzhou New High-tech & High-growth Top20 Enterprise”, “2018 Chinese Real Estate Smart Lock Powerful Purchasing Brand”, “Leading Brand of the 2019 Sunflower Award in the smart lock industry”, owning hundreds of inventions, appearance patent of the utility model, dozens of software copyrights.

Leading the way in the enterprise-scale of China’s smart lock industry, Tenon has a modern smart home product manufacturing base, equipped with multiple YAMAHA SMT product lines, modern automatic dust-free workshops, and a million-grade professional laboratory. The complete organizational structure is integrated with the chairman’s office, marketing center, sales center, e-commerce center, customer service center, financial center, supply center, manufacturing center, integrated management center and other large departments, and more than 500 employees.

After years of hard work, Tenon logged into the capital NEEQ market in2015. The number of shares in the NEEQ market in 2015 was 833559. It is a listed company on the capital NEEQ market and has always maintained a leading position in innovation. It is Tenon’s goal of a recent marketing strategy to stepping into the excellent brand of the global smart lock industry and building up the global smart home platform.