Tenon Smart Lock

Tenon Smart Lock

Tenon seizes the opportunity as the smart lock grows with versatility and ease of use, serving smart lock users ranging from children to the elderly who cover 95% of households. In the emerging stage of smart locks, Tenon adopts semiconductor fingerprint heads and dual-core dual systems to solve the security risks caused by optical fingerprint identification.

As the core component, the mortise lock plays a crucial role in the durability of the smart lock. Tenon places a priority on product quality with a strict and cautious attitude. We send samples to the authoritative testing agencies for certification testing.

Types of Smart Door Locks

A Series
K Series
E Series
T Series
F Series
Features Of Tenon Smart Locks
High-sensitivity fingerprint reader of smart door locks
High-sensitivity fingerprint reader

Automatic patented mechatronics' cylinder. Accurate biometric identification, automatic one-touch unlocking of the door.

One-key protection mode of smart door lock is available
One-key protection mode is available

Integrative zinc alloy die casting + automatic patented mechatronics' cylinder +Double CPUs and Cylinders. Strong tensile force, and multiplicative safety performance.

No stolen passwords thanks toof smart door lock
No stolen passwords thanks to

Access via removes any possibility of your password being exposed to hidden cameras or strangers.

Intelligence of smart door lock is more convenient than you think
Intelligence is more convenient than you think

Automatic one-touch button, convenient for children and the elderly.Safety and reliability are incorporated into the design of every function and detail.

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smart digital door lock


smart digital door lock

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

Locks have been with us for thousands of years. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks are more intelligent in user identification, security, and management. They are the executive part of the door lock in the access control system. Smart locks are multifunctional and high-tech devices that are safer and more convenient than mechanical locks.

They save you from having to carry your keys, making it easier to get in and out of your home. The growing popularity of 5G is speeding up smart home automation. People are about to enter a new era of intelligent life. As a key entrance to the smart home system, smart locks will have richer application scenarios and broader market space in the future.Smart locks allow you to easily unlock the door, such as entering a PIN code, IC card, mechanical key, fingerprint recognition, 3D face recognition or app control, etc.

What Is a Smart Door Lock?
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How To Install Smart Lock

The Tenon smart lock is easy to install, it only takes 30 minutes to rotate around the four assembly units of the front panel, mortise lock, lock cylinder and rear panel.Before installation, determine whether the material of the door is metal or wood, then check the thickness and seams of the door, and finally check the flatness of the door.Please hire a professional technician to install the smart lock, or follow the instructions provided by Tenon to do the self-installation.Do not disassemble or install the smart lock without instructions, and protect the relevant sealing marks to avoid unnecessary troubles during the warranty period.

After the lock installed and debugged, please register the administrator's id as soon as possible and put the mechanical key to a third party other than the door for safekeeping. It can be locked and unlocked by fingerprint recogntion, IC card, and password. When the battery is out of power or other unlocking methods fail, the mechanical key can be used.

How To Install Smart Lock

How Do Smart Locks Work

How Do Smart Locks Work
Fingerprint Verification

The fingerprint verification finger gesture shows when verifying the fingerprint, the finger should be correctly placed above the fingerprint sensor area, and the finger should cover at least 3 / 4 of the area of the fingerprint sensor. During fingerprint verification, the finger should be correctly placed in the fingerprint recognition area. The fingerprint sensor has a self-teaching function. During use, the position of the finger on the sensor can be changed continuously, so that the sensor can collect the finger texture as much as possible.

3D Face Recognition

The human eye triangulation principle obtains three-dimensional data by simulating the human eye. Reaching a high-precision false acceptance rate of one in a million, effectively intercepting attacks on photos, videos, and models. To identify people in the height range of 1.3m-1.95m, children should not stand on tiptoes, adults should not bend over.


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