Lever Door Lock

Lever Door Lock

Enabled smart lever door lock offers homeowners a higher level of security, convenience, and versatility, and best of all, your smartphone will automatically unlock your door via a connection when you are near. The user can add multiple wrong passwords before/after entering the correct password, and then press # to confirm the lock, which is easy to use and prevents malicious beeps.

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K series mini safeguard smart digital door lock is a new generation of mini-protection smart fingerprint lock. Its stylish and simple design, frosted metal texture, and unique structure of the U-shaped handle give full play to its functions.


Waterproof Aluminum Slim Handle Smart Lock

  • Moisture-proof, Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant

  • High sensitivity of touchscreen digital board

  • Scramble pin code technology to anti-peep

  • Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case the power is dead

  • Improper Attempts Alert & Low Battery Warning


Exquisite Design Full Glass Screen Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • Use to share passwords

  • Square panels with rounded corners

  • Full glass screen highlights the texture

  • Different colors represent different states


Electronic Smartbell Minmalist Designs Smart Lever Lock

  • IML manufacturing technique

  • The humanized voice prompt

  • Fast response, better experience

  • Anti-lock design for double lock

  • Aluminium alloy shell excellent quality

  • Digits password for one-step unlocking


Black Knight Electromechanical Smart Lever Door Lock

  • The U-shaped handle is cleverly designed.

  • Top semiconductor fingerprint reader.

  • Easy to install, it only takes 30 seconds.

  • A variety of unlocking ways to choose from.


Combo Mini Safeguard-Enabled Smart Lever Door Lock

  • Top semiconductor fingerprint reader

  • Easy to install, it only takes 30 seconds

  • The unique structure is cleverly designed

  • A variety of unlocking ways to choose from


Single Latch-Based Mini Smart Lever Lock For Interior Door

  • Electronic Smart Lever Door Lock

  • Smart Lock with Tuya App

  • Smartphone & Fingerprint Authentication

  • Tuya Smart Door Lock with Mechanical Key


Digital Access Mechanical Glass Smart Lock For Commecial Settings

  • Passway mode without identification

  • No drilling and wiring needed to install

  • Mini smart design with 180.2mm length

  • Automatic locked when the door is closed


Controlled Smart Door Lock Features

Stay connected to your Tenon China Lock with the help of the Tuya module, which can be complemented by a wireless communication connection.  Open your home door with the latest Touch-to-Open Tenon entry door lock, powered by your smartphone and, whether leaving or coming home, Tenon smart locks can be locked and unlocked with just one touch.

Homeowners can view the unlocking history through the APP, monitor the unlocking usage, and use the mobile phone through the Tuya APP to check who and when entered your home or when left. Another benefit is that no internet access is required. For the most flexibility and protection, the lock's module can be supplemented with a Tuya IoT home automation platform.

When it comes to strength, the K series digital door lock with brings a new measure of security to the doors with a connection to the Tuya IoT development platform and supports the protocol. Engineered to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use access control solution to protect your facilities and personnel.


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Tenon smart lock enables door locks with fingerprint access. Even if you are away, you can control and monitor the house. Upgrade your door lock with the all-new Tenon smart locks. Automatically lock or unlock the door in one step, and check the activity record through the remote control.
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