High-end Smart Lock

High-end Smart Lock

A new generation of craftsmanship is combined with the latest cutting edge technology, way of thinking and aesthetic lifestyle.F series automatic classical smart locks take Chinese-style art villas as born, and carry the luxury home decoration of European-style classicism. All design details are derived from Chinese classical elements, hand-carved to create a model.

Types of High-end Smart Lock

The standard configuration of keyless entry high-level luxurious home, following the craftsman culture of Europe and building up the art of the soul belongs to baroque sports and transformation. In-depth R&D of humanized intelligent functions.


Luxury Design Fingerprint Verified Access Electronic Handle Lock

  • 3-level user management

  • M-Link 3.0 operating system

  • OLED screen with English operating menu

  • Self-learning algorithm fingerprint reader


Automatic Classic Aristocratic Type Smart Luxury Electronic Lock

  • High Zinc alloy protect

  • IPX54 waterproof and dustproof

  • The associated communication encryption

  • Only the administrator can open the lock


Advantages of Tenon Smart Door Lock F Series

From ancient times to the present, when it comes to artists, whether the people who are rich or famous, they all want to use works of art to decorate their lives. That is not only to appreciate art but also as a status symbol. Tenon represents the highest sincerity in creating works of art and produces smart locks. It is committed to providing consumers with a new experience that combines aesthetics and intelligence. It is not only a fingerprint lock but also an artistic creation in our daily lives.  This is their value and the highest pursuit of creators. 

The handle design combines Chinese Ruyi patterns with the aesthetic qualities of Italian craftsmanship and has been expertly machined inside and out to maximize elegance. The European classical style and the Chinese French style are perfectly integrated to complement each other, showing the beauty of luxury and classicism. The ultra-long panel, one-piece die-casting type, length of 600mm, automatic one-touch button, one-step unlocking process. With no noise-damping sliding mode design, the F series smart lock slide cover will automatically fall when the door is closed.


Tenon put eyes on a world vision and devote ourselves to expanding the business into global.

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What's New
Tenon smart lock enables door locks with fingerprint access. Even if you are away, you can control and monitor the house. Upgrade your door lock with the all-new Tenon smart locks. Automatically lock or unlock the door in one step, and check the activity record through the remote control.
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