Automatic Push-Pull Smart Door Lock

Automatic Push-Pull Smart Door Lock

Designed for the residential market, Tenon smart door lock push pull provides an automatic check-in and check-out process for the whole family in any climate from -20℃ to 75℃. Tenon has developed million-level laboratories in research and development capabilities, including an extensive range of mortise and cylindrical locks, electromechanical products, and systems. When it comes to strength, our China push-pull smart door lock brings a new measure of security to the doors with a connection to the IoT development platform and supports the protocol. Designed to provide superior quality security standards and easy-to-use access control solutions to protect your facilities and people.

Smart Access Solutions For Home

The true automatic push and pull door lock for home by one-button opening function is equipped with a hidden semiconductor head. 

As a professional smart door lock supplier, Tenon's A series of automatic smart door lock push-pull is your best choice for keyless entry.


Ultra Slim 18MM One-Button Automatic Control Smart Door Lock

  • Slim and simple design with one-touch unlocking

  • Ergonomic edges and corners bring a smooth feel

  • Metal die-cast model with panels as thin as 18.8mm

  • Sensitive and fast fingerprint recognition process


Tuya Residential Keyless Push-Pull Automatic Smart Lock

  • Complete voice guide

  • One-key unlocking, safe and convenient

  • Automatically lock the door when closing

  • Automatically refresh and verify one-step


Compact Design Automatic Push-Pull Homekit Digital Mortise Door Lock

  • 3 colors indicator

  • Prevent electromagnetic interference

  • Separate control system in the panels

  • OLED screen with English operation menu

  • M-link 2.0 system with 3-level management


Tuya Wi-Fi Doorbell Automatic Push-Pull Smart Lock

  • Appearance attractiveness and intelligence

  • Exquisite design fulfill classical appearance

  • Double aesthetic feeling show your taste

  • The fully automatic process

  • Patented automatic intelligent sensor automatic push and pull lock


Automatic Electronic Doorbell Face Recognition Smart Lock

  • 3D Face Recognition Unlocking

  • Financial Security Safeguard

  • 3D Infra-red Night Vision Available

  • 1.3m-1.95m height-range people

  • Mobile/Pad Smart Control


Automatic Face Recognition Smart Lock

  • Using Three-dimensional features for facial recognition

  • Non-contact automatic unlocking

  • Integrated handle design, convenient door opening experience

  • The doorbell can be rung by visitors outside

  • Seven-in-one unlocking


Advantages of Automatic Push and Pull Smart Door Lock

The matching mobile APP can open the smart lock. When your hands are dirty and your fingerprint cannot be recognized, you can use the mobile phone APP to unlock. It is convenient for the elderly and children under special circumstances that the fingerprints are not clear, and the encryption is safe. Introducing the Tenon push-pull automatic digital door lock with a hidden RF semiconductor fingerprint head in the handle. We believe that smart life is the technology that supports the lifestyle we want, and it makes it easier to open the door anywhere.

Advantages of Automatic Push and Pull Smart Door Lock

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Are Smart Locks Safe?

Fingerprint recognition collects feature details and compares the differences of each fingerprint to successfully identify and unlock. Fingerprint recognition technology involves a wide range of image processing, model recognition, digital aesthetic vision, digital morphology, wavelet analysis and other fields. After 11 years of continuous development and innovation-driven continuous growth.

The security of a push-pull fingerprint door lock is more unique than mechanical keys because there are no duplicate fingerprints in the world. When fingerprint recognition is widely used in the smart lock auto lock industry as an unlocking method, the probability of fingerprint cracking is lower than 1/15000000000. In this regard, the security of the fingerprint recognition unlocking method is beyond doubt.

Are Smart Locks Safe?
Automatic Push and Pull Smart Door Lock FAQs

Automatic Push and Pull Smart Door Lock FAQs

What is the best brand in the smart push pull lock industry?

When choosing the smart push pull lock products in the markets, the users should pay attention to the "reliability, stability, and smart features".

Which is better,smart automatic lock or mechanical lock?

Smart automatic locks are different from traditional locks, and have better user identification, security, and management features.

What should I do if the smart automatic door lock is broken?

Unlock the door with a spare key in one step or replace with the batteries.

How to distinguish the quality of smart automatic digital lock?

Check the three indicators in the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer, including rejection rate, false recognition rate, and fingerprint recognition time. In addition, the mortise lock is also very important, including the material, lock line and function of the lock cylinder.

What are the benefits of using a smart push pull door lock?

Safe, reliable, convenient and fashionable.


Tenon put eyes on a world vision and devote ourselves to expanding the business into global.

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Tenon smart lock enables door locks with fingerprint access. Even if you are away, you can control and monitor the house. Upgrade your door lock with the all-new Tenon smart locks. Automatically lock or unlock the door in one step, and check the activity record through the remote control.
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