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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Electronic Door Locks?

Safety is the first standard. The electromechanical integrated anti-theft mortise lock, the mortise structure puts the motor and the clutch in the cylinder. The cylinder inserts the core into the mortise lock, and the user cannot pull out the cylinder when the door is opened without a mechanical key.

Ungraded chip release powerful operation, multiple " Black Technology" blesses in a smart lock. Low power consumption, excellent performance, strong encryption, high security, faster response, and better interactive experience, bringing together all security defenses and creating a new situation in human life.

Tenon interprets the aesthetic life of modern smart homes, combining modern cutting-edge patented technologies and industry-leading R&D talents. Safety and reliability are incorporated into the design of every function and detail. Create the best wishes for millions of users to experience smart home life.

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Digital Access Mechanical Glass Smart Lock For Commecial Settings
It presents an elegant style and simple design, and highlights the texture and taste of the office

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