Mini Smart Fingerprint Lock For Interior Door

How Do Interior Door Smart Lock Lead to A Smart Home?

When a smart home steps into a human’s daily life, the finger's light touching can finish the household chores, which will emancipate our hands and provide people with a much more convenient life. Today, more and more families are beginning to pay attention to life aesthetics. Smart home design has become the first choice for many families.

The smart home should keep to the design philosophy of the humanized, environmental, comfortable, and intelligent, and the fashionable technology and interactive experiential home design enable people to achieve human dreams of the ideal living spaces. Bring smart technology to simplify the static household building materials that are common in life and make them active.

The excellent smart home is the point to an area and sees big vision through small ones, connecting a complete smart home system to an organic whole. It is not the simple smart home of the” Split Type,” which is the intelligent ecosystem full of technology.

Scientifically divide the living spaces, and be in close contact with the integrated system. Bring an unprecedented perverted life to mankind, and make scientific and technological intelligence more realistic.

Smart home life, first of all, we can start by buying safe and reliable products. Control the life with one key, and open the interior smart door lock by a “point,” Tenon is the excellent choice.

How Do Smart Lock For Interior Door Connect To Other Devices?

The IoT connectivity of the Tenon internal door smart lock has been enhanced by supporting wireless communication methods (BLE and Wi-Fi) of various standards. In addition, by optimizing the application of radiofrequency technology (such as radio frequency power calibration), a stable wireless communication environment is provided.

The smartphone is a mechanical key that allows you to go out easily and then let go of your hand. 0.5s high-speed intelligent recognition process, the door can be unlocked with one step.

By using a smartphone, you can easily connect your interior smart door knob, and start a new smart home experience with Tenon smart door lock interior.

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The K1 smart lock has excellent production technology and quality, and the U-shaped specially designed handle is comfortable to grip and wear-resistant.
Combo Mini Safeguard-Enabled Smart Lever Door Lock
Tenon K2 smart lock is a quick-response, accurate identification mini-protection device, good at distinguishing fake and shallow fingerprints.
Black Knight Electromechanical Smart Lever Door Lock
The smart lock K3 with higher battery efficiency requires only 4 batteries to open the door multiple times.

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