Smart Door Locks for Front Doors

Benefits of Smart Home Digital Front Door Lock

Technological Aesthetics

Aesthetics are integrated into technology and combined with user experience, perfectly matching different types of lifestyles. The finely crafted finishes do not reduce the perspicacious structure, the cold metal carries the warmth of craftsmanship, and the technological future is within reach with craftsmanship aesthetics and technological life.

Accurate Identification

Our identification solutions provide people with physical and digital access, and connect things that can be digitally identified, verified, and tracked. The multiple unlocking methods to fully meet families' various requirements.

Anti-theft Mortise Lock

The electromechanical integrated anti-theft mortise lock, the mortise structure puts the motor and the clutch in the cylinder. The cylinder inserts the core into the mortise lock, and the user cannot pull out the cylinder when the door is opened without a mechanical key.

Phone APP Remote Control

The matching mobile APP can open the automated front door smart door lock. When your hands are dirty and your fingerprint cannot be recognized, you can use the phone APP to unlock it. The temporary password is shared remotely through the phone APP, which is convenient for visitors.

Easy-To-Use Process

The door can be unlocked with a fast and accurate radiofrequency semiconductor fingerprint sensor with just a light press with your finger. In addition, voice feedback guides users to set up and continue to use.

Anti-Peep Function

Up to 24 virtual passwords, including 6-11 correct passwords for opening the door. The anti-peep Function can effectively prevent others from peeping.

Recommended Tenon Smart Front Door Locks

Tuya Residential Keyless Push-Pull Automatic Smart Lock
The ergonomically designed handle attracts potential distributors to develop their business through the product.
Compact Design Automatic Push-Pull Homekit Digital Mortise Door Lock
This A3 smart lock adopts the biggest advantage of the 2.5 T automatic mortise lock independently developed by Tenon R&D team.
Tuya Wi-Fi Doorbell Automatic Push-Pull Smart Lock
A7 smart lock, with great intelligence and multiple skills, provides users with an excellent quality of life.
Automatic Electronic Doorbell Face Recognition Smart Lock
Auto opening after 3D face recognition,the electronic doorbell presumes the doorman's responsibility to remind when the guest comes by one key
Security Fingerprint Keyless Access Smart Exterior Door Lock
E5C provides high-quality enhancement, commercialization, and the wonderful energy of the program for the micro-protection smart lock.
Remote Access Smart Touchpad Enabled Smart Lock
The electronic lever lock E15 embodies the luxurious style in details and provides a new safe smart lock experience.
Electronic Smartbell Minmalist Designs Smart Lever Lock
The fingerprint head located on the side of the door handle completes the verification.Smart fingerprint lever lock K6 combines two colors to maximize minimalist style.

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