Sliding Smart Door Lock

Sliding Smart Door Lock

The T series is the smart home fingerprint sliding door lock , from brilliant classic to cutting-edge technology, and the slideshow will move up and down automatically, enjoy an extraordinary experience with hands-free sliding. The all-metal panel has an exquisite coating film, showing high quality every inch.

Types of Sliding Door Smart Lock

The fully automatic smart door lock for sliding door series is a shining pearl and at the forefront of science and technology. The stylish design of the product presents a natural flow through electroplating technology, all of which exude a high-quality feeling.


Physical And Digital Access Oled Screen Automatic Sliding Smart Lock

  • Anti-peep function to open the door

  • The latest M-Link 4.0 operating system

  • Multiple identifications for more secure

  • Open the sliding door lock smart even if the door is double-locked


Smart Door Lock For Sliding Door Reviews

Engineered to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use access control solution to protect your facilities and personnel. After more than 10 years of continuous development and innovation-driven continuous growth, going forward, our annual organic growth target is based on the continual introduction of new, innovative, and sustainable smart locks as a China smart door lock supplier.

Reduces investment and maintenance costs, as well as redefines the landscape of residential mechanical hardware with a push to open smart slider locks designed to fit seamlessly into your home. We want to set the standard for the world's most innovative and well-designed access solutions and help people feel safe, secure, and have a more open world. Even more than that, we organize our business around our values, beliefs, and strategic process to achieve this goal.


Tenon put eyes on a world vision and devote ourselves to expanding the business into global.

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What's New
Tenon smart lock enables door locks with fingerprint access. Even if you are away, you can control and monitor the house. Upgrade your door lock with the all-new Tenon smart locks. Automatically lock or unlock the door in one step, and check the activity record through the remote control.
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