Common Problems of Smart Locks Found in the After-sales Service

1. Severe battery drain of smart locks

It is mainly for users who choose dry batteries. The service life of four dry batteries is 6-8 months for automatic locks, and about 8-12 months for semi-automatic locks (test data of equipment, there may be errors in actual use). If the battery runs out in a week, it must be noted that there may be a fault in the smart lock circuit, which is usually caused by short circuit.

If the battery is hot, it is likely that the battery box or the rear circuit board is short-circuited (power supply module). If the battery is not hot, it is probably the electronic smart lock body problem.

In any case, the users should ask about the after-sales period before buying the lock, and keep original invoices and other evidence to ensure their after-sales rights and interests. Pick the suitable smart locks carefully online, or you can choose offline stores to buy fingerprint lock since you can directly see it.

2. The smart lock cannot open the door

It may be caused by a variety of reasons. If the screen does not light up, it's probably because of the exhausted battery. Then you only need to use an external power supply and then replace the battery.

If the screen is on but not recognized (no recognition sound), the recognition system may be faulty or the battery is low.

If it can be recognized, but there is no motor rotation sound, then it is likely that the motor inside the electronic lock body is damaged.

In any case, the user need to take the mechanical key by himself. Since we can't know when it will break down, we can guarantee that we still have the key to open the door when we are locked out.

3. The fingerprint recognition of the smart lock is failed

If it is a normal fingerprint, it can be recognized. However, it is difficult to identify fingerprints that are relatively shallow or have broken skin. If you put your finger in the wrong place, it probably can't be recognized. So you'd better read the product manual and try again.

It's better to have a smart lock with multiple unlocking ways. Even it the fingerprint recognition failed, you can still enter the room with the password or app.

4. The front and rear panels of the smart lock are falling down

Long-term use will make the connection screws of the front and rear panels loose. In this case, you just need to tighten the fixed screws. Under normal circumstances, one is in the battery box, and another is at the bottom of the lock. Sometimes it may also be locked inside. If you do not know, you can check the user manual, ask customer service, or ask for door to door service.

5. The fingerprint smart lock prompts that the lock has been opened, but the door cannot be opened

First of all, it may be caused by insufficient battery power of the fingerprint lock. Users can replace the battery and try again.

In addition, it may also be caused by the fingerprint lock motor. At this time, you can directly contact the smart door lock supplier or after-sales service of fingerprint lock. If the motor is faulty, it can be repaired or replaced.

6. The smart lock screen is off

1) Insufficient power of the fingerprint combination lock may cause this situation. Solution: The battery needs to be replaced.

2) The battery of fingerprint smart lock has a poor contact. Solution: Backup power can be used to open the door lock system or mechanical key can be used to open the door, and then reinstall the battery to ensure normal power.

3) If the above operations are invalid, please contact the local seller or manufacturer for repair immediately.

7. Fingerprint smart lock display light flashes

1) Insufficient power of the fingerprint electronic combination lock including fingerprint door lock for bedroom, exterior fingerprint door lock and may cause this situation, so the battery needs to be replaced. Or the battery of the fingerprint combination lock has a poor connection. Backup power can be used to use the door lock system or a mechanical key can be used to open the door.

2) If the above operation is invalid, contact the local agent or the manufacturer immediately. If the fingerprint lock login timeout occurs, the position of the finger is not standardized, the finger is placed too late, or the external light is too strong, follow the procedure to re-operate.

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