Maintenance Tips for Smart Locks

Today, the competition in the domestic wholesale smart locks market is becoming more and more fierce. The smart lock design is simple and elegant, and the functions are practical and various. In addition, various brands have entered the market one after another, and consumers are very troubled when choosing smart locks. In addition, many consumers have doubts about whether smart locks need maintenance.

The answer is yes, smart locks can be easily damaged if not used properly. But taking good care of it can extend its lifespan. Therefore, when using a smart lock, you must learn to maintain it. Here are some maintenance tips for smart locks.

1. Wipe the panel regularly

If you find something wrong with the keyless entry fingerprint system of the smart lock at home, it is very likely that the fingerprint recognition module is dirty or wet and cannot be recognized. If you use your fingerprint and password to unlock for a long time, there will be dirt residue on the surface of the smart lock, which will affect the sensitivity of fingerprint entry. Therefore, it is better to wipe and clean with a dry soft cloth regularly to ensure that the smart lock panel is clean and tidy.

2. Check the battery regularly

If the intelligent high-end smart lock is out of power, it will affect daily use. When the smart lock indicates that the battery is too low, you should charge the battery in time. If you are using dry batteries, you should also open the battery cover regularly to check whether the battery leaks, so as to avoid battery leakage and corrosion of the circuit board and replace the battery with a new one in time.

3. How to open and close the door

For push pull smart lock, it is best to hold the lock handle when closing the door, screw the deadbolt into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Do not slam the door, close the door, or slam the door, do not develop the habit of violently opening and closing the door, open and close lightly. Otherwise, the service life of the smart lock will be shortened.

4. Do not disassemble without permission

When the smart lock fails, do not rashly disassemble the smart lock yourself, you could leave it to a professional master for inspection. Because there are many electronic components and smart chips inside the smart lock, the structure is relatively complicated. Do not disassemble it out of curiosity. You can contact the after-sales service of the smart lock to have professionals come to repair it.

The security protection of smart locks brings convenience and security to people's home life, and each function of it comes from the rigor of each process. It is recommended that users regularly check their own smart locks, and at the same time, take care of them during use, and adopt correct maintenance methods to keep the smart locks safe for a long time.

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