We don't know what time at start, the concept of life has been moved to the movie, reminding many people who live in cities to reach their life expectancy and palpation. When we are far away from the noisy city, we will find peace. We can let go of work, slow down, and feel the beauty of our daily lives. However, for people living in a noisy city, fast life and trivial things make useful users feel troublesome when using mechanical keys.

In fact, there is a lock distance between you and your wonderful life.

A7 keyless entry smart door lock provides users with a comprehensive smart lock solution to live a better life. Make your house a utopia in the city and make our life close at hand. The life should be a process of making hard things simple. Benefit from the patented integrated full-auto mortise lock, one-step unlocking unsure the children and the elderly to use. One-click verification, the door can be unlocked with just one step. After closing the door, double lock and unlock the door in the room step by step. When the electronic system cannot work normally, the lever part of the emergency device can be pulled to move, and then the door is unlocked, thereby saving manpower.

There are 6 unlocking methods to fully meet families' various requirements. In addition to fingerprints, IC cards, mechanical keys, passwords and removal control, the A7 WIFI door lock also provide point-to-point matching to unlock the door, thereby breaking the broadband limitation of wireless signals. You can choose and replace any preferred unlocking way to use in the door lock, as well as adjust the unlocking method according to the environment and status, say bye-bye to the “troublesome” of a single key.

It is worry-free about the humanized doorbell, standing up at the front door to one click gently. The electronic doorbell presumes the doorman's responsibility to remind when the guest comes by one key Dingdong".

That all matters should be under the users' control, the Wi-Fi smart connection technology builds up the bridge of the information delivery between door lock and terminal smartphone. Whether it is going out or staying in daily lock activity for a long time for long-term one-key protection, real-time push notifications can be pushed through Wi-Fi smart connection to better link the connection between people and smart locks. In order to meet the consumers’ requirements by progressively increasing, tenon smart lock continues fulfilling the development philosophy of the “innovative and technology enhance the wonderful life,” upgrading the products development by technology upgrade. Therefore, we launched the face recognition smart lock A7x on the basis of the A7 smart lock.

A7x is the first 3D face recognition smart lock in Tenon, a leading face recognition lock manufacturer in China, and we deeply explore the "intelligence" base on the market needs of the modern smart lock industry. The principle of human eye triangulation obtains three-dimensional data by simulating the human eye. Reaching a high-precision false acceptance rate of one in a million, effectively intercepting attacks on photos, videos, and models.


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