Pleasantly Surprised Tenon A3 Smart Lock Provides Users With Excellent Performance

By the explosive growth of the smart home industry, all of the people think about how to discard the keys when they leave home. Under the innovative backgroud, smart locks have became a new choice for people. However, users all over the world are still anxious about which smart lock to choose. Therefore, Tenon A3 smart lock provides users with excellent performance.

Smart Lock Outdoor Gate

When the A3 homekit mortise lock arrived, the most impressive thing about the Tenon A3 packaging was its simple and compact design that made it look impressive.Tenon A3 is a fully automatic smart lock from the outer packaging, which is one of the main categories in the smart lock industry. The most impressive feature is the push-pull type, which is much more convenient than traditional handle smart locks.

After unpakcing, the A3 smart lock package includes user manual, lock body, front and rear panels, keys, batteries, screws, IC cards, hole sizes, warranty cards, and reverse blades.

As a full-automatic smart lock, the lock body is the full-automatic lock body which is independent R&D by Tenon, the size keeps the same as "international lock body". There is no need to drive another hole and adjust the plate, most push-pull smart locks need to drive another hole or make adjustments. Contrasting with other smart locks of the same types, Tenon A3 smart lock makes a differentiable design in the appearance, for example, it takes the “U” shape design, and the front and rear panels keep the same.

Apart from "U" shape design, A3 push pull fingerprint lock adopts the streamlined design which looks mellow and full, simple, liberally, fashionable, and no more streamlined and decorations. In the color matching, Tenon offers two colors to choose from, gun black and sky purple.

Smart Lock Price

In the first choice for appearance, the A3 shell and handle are die-casted with zinc alloy electroplating materials. The overall gloss is clean and uniform, and no bad conditions such as blisters, fallen leaves and paint peeling are found. It is sturdy and durable, has a metallic feel from the appearance management, and is delicate and smooth to touch.

The password keyboard area in the front panel, the A3 adopts the integrated highlight seamless injection molding.
This craftsmanship is rigorous to detail control, and the high-quality injection molding products are produced by operating each technical point strictly. Currently, this technology is used in the decoration and function control panels of household appliances, car dashboards, air conditioning panels, mobile phone casings and glasses, washing machines and refrigerators, etc. Therefore, the A3 password keyboard is also very textured, and the overall delicate and smooth.

The internal details of the A3 are deserved to be mentioned, such as the ribbon cable interfaces, and the A3 specially marked the "lock body" front board and other corresponding sockets in the circuit board, which is easy to install.

In the mechanical part of the internal structure, A3 makes some special management, such that A3 is dedicated to designing a protective board to cover the traditional push-pull structure firmly. It does not only play an important role on stationary use but also protects the rotational structure. In order to prevent the battery from falling during use, A3 specially designed the battery baffle. Moreover, in order to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of the smart lock, the A3 front panel adopts a hidden mechanical keyhole and an emergency charging port, and the user can only lift the hidden cover below when needed.

Before experiencing the A3 smart lock, we need to set the password, fingerprint, administrator and related settings. Since A3 has no display screen, the administrator settings, user addition-reduction and management, networking and other operations are all performed by the voice guard. Even though no display screen, the A3 operation setting is very simple, just double-click “#” key to enter the system for operating by own needs.

Entering the experience part after the setting has been done, Tenon A3 smart lock adopts the “holding is open” of the handle fingerprint design. The hidden finger reader is built in the inner of the handle to prevent malicious damage. Simultaneously, it also takes the “Ergonomics Design” into account, which is more convenient to unlock the door. The key feature of the “Holding is open” design is that the lock core will retract automatically when the finger was put on the door handle to finish the verification, easily push or pull to unlock the door gently. Tenon A3 also provides users with a variety of unlocking methods, such as mechanical keys, passwords, IC cards and long-distance temporary passwords.

Smart Lock Touch

Many people forget to lock their homes when they leave. In order to solve such problems, Tenon A3 uses a fully automatic lock body solve such issue. If the door is not closed, the alarm will sound, because the A3 smart lock cylinder can only be ejected by sensing the touch of the lock cylinder. The fake lock-in will not appear.

Open/close the door on one side indoors, A3 provides users with a variety of unlocking methods, such as press the open/close button in the handle of the indoor, and its position is the same with the finger reader sense in the outdoor handle; or press the open/close button under the battery box, users can choose the suitable unlocking method base on their habits.

All in all, Tenon A3 smart lock is a simple, free and stylish smart lock with comprehensive quality and details, simple setting, and all its functions bring users a convenient and safe use experience.

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