TenonSmart Lock

  • A Series Automatic
  • E Series Fashion
  • F SERIES Luxury
  • K SERIES Smart
  • T SERIES Modern

A Series Automatic Type

The true automatic door lock for home by one-button opening function is equipped with a hidden semiconductor head. Tenon's A series of automatic digital door lock is your best choice for keyless entry.

new twos


•Complete voice guide
•One-key unlocking, safe and convenient
•Automatically lock the door when closing
•Automatically refresh and verify one-step

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New A Two C


•Fully automatic lock body
•Built-in fingerprint reader
•Effective protection and hiding
•One-key unlocking, safe and convenient

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A series three


•3 colors indicator
•Prevent electromagnetic interference
•Separate control system in the panels
•OLED screen with English operation menu
•M-link 2.0 system with 3-level management

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E SERIES Fashion Type

E series fingerprint door locks are compact touchpad locks with ultra-thin design and stylish options.The integrated fingerprint handle can open the door with one touch and enjoy the ultimate convenient design.

Your best private access partner to monitor your doors


•High performance integrated chip.
•Fingerprint sensor to one step unlocking.
•OLED screen with English operation menu.
•High standard anti-theft mortise lock.

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E five series c


•Fast response, better experience.
•3 colors indicator.English voice prompt.
•High standard anti-theft mortise lock.
•6 layer IML injection molding process.
•Only admin user can open the lock.

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F Series Luxury Type

The standard configuration of keyless entry high-level luxurious home, following the craftsman culture of Europe and building up the art of the soul belongs to baroque sports and transformation. In-depth R&D of humanized intelligent functions.



•3-level user management
•M-Link 3.0 operating system
•OLED screen with English operating menu
•Self-learning algorithm fingerprint reader

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f series eight


•High Zinc alloy protect
•IPX54 waterproof and dustproof
•The associated communication encryption
•Only the administrator can open the lock

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K SERIES Smart Homekit

K series mini safeguard smart door lock is a new generation of mini-protection Bluetooth smart fingerprint lock. Its stylish and simple design,frosted metal texture, and the unique structure of the U-shaped handle give full play to its functions.

K series one


•Advanced fingerprint reader
•Voice prompt, easy to operate
•Excellently distinguish fake fingerprint
•Metal U-shaped handle,comfortable grab
•Simply and quickly set the pathway mode

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K series two


•Top semiconductor fingerprint reader
•Easy to install, it only takes 30 seconds
•The unique structure is cleverly designed
•A variety of unlocking ways to choose from

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•Passway mode without identification
•No drilling and wiring needed to install
•Mini smart design with 180.2mm length
•Automatic locked when the door is closed

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•Use Bluetooth to share passwords
•Square panels with rounded corners
•Full glass screen highlights the texture
•Different colors represent different states

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T Series Modern Type

The fully automatic sliding smart door lock series is a shining pearl and the forefront of science and technology. The stylish design of the product presents natural flow through electroplating technology, all of which exude a high-quality feeling.



•Anti-peep function to open the door
•The latest M-Link 4.0 operating system
•Multiple identification for more secure
•Open the lock even if the door is double-locked

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What's New

Tenon smart lock enables door locks with fingerprint access. Even if you are away, you can control and monitor the house. Upgrade your door lock with the all-new Tenon smart locks. Automatically lock or unlock the door in one step, and check the activity record through the remote control.

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