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Tenon smart lock, a listed company on the capital NEEQ market, and has always maintained a leading position in innovation. Tenon smart lock is the master brand in China's smart lock industry.

Tenon China smart lock WIFI was found in the year 2011, the capital is 102 million RMB, owing the own certified brands such as “Tenon Smart Lock”. Its predecessor started in 1991. It is not only a leading brand dedicated to the Chinese security industry, but also a pioneer brand that has successfully transformed into a professional fingerprint lock R&D and production.
After years of hard work, Tenon smart lock logged into the capital NEEQ market in 2015. The number of shares in the NEEQ market in 2015 was 833559. It is a listed company on the capital NEEQ market and has always maintained a leading position in innovation.
In addition, Tenon smart lock is a professional technology development company that integrates scientific research, design, manufacturing, and marketing in the field of the smart home.

To be original with ingenuity, security is the core value of Tenon wholesale smart locks.

In the last ten years, Tenon has raised the banner of intelligence and introduced the world’s advanced equipment, processes and management systems. As a professional smart door lock supplier, Tenon smart lock has established a strict and efficient modern manufacturing system and has become a leading brand in the technological advancement of China WIFI door lock industry.

Leading in the smart lock industry by strong scientific research strength

New products research / Quality Guarantee / Core Patents

Tenon has established a strong R&D team and recruited professional technical R&D talents, possessing cutting-edge technology in the smart lock industry and hundreds of authorized patents and software copyrights, including 12 invention patents.
Before the new product is released, more than 200,000 continuous failure-free tests should be performed.

The products are full of market competitiveness

So far, Tenon has created a variety of top-selling products in the markets.
*Excellent Design-Compact appearance, Aesthetic tendency, User expectation
*Exquisite details performance, Advanced aesthetic tendency, Exceed user expectations
*The core values of Tenon is to create the compact design products.

Excellent Quality-Safety Standards, Prior to reliability and stability
Million-level laboratories play an important role in research and development capabilities, and test products through strict standard sampling tests, such as the life test of opening the door by password, salt spray test, temperature test, rain test, bump test, clutch life test, etc., we are ensuring the quality control of each part.

Technical innovation- focusing on R&D, unique bright spot, exceed the competitor’s products
Integrate the latest industrial R&D achievement, create the products including the unique bright spot, and exceed the competitor’s product performance.
Carry out functional innovation from the product level to ensure that the product is competitive. Leading the development of the smart lock industry is the Tenon's core values.

Core patents
*The investment of Tenon’s R&D cost has growth year by year, and the innovative R&D investment has reached to 10% above.
*Core patents have seen proprietary growth year by year, and intellectual property rights have grown rapidly.
*We will never stop taking the step with the innovative way of the smart home.

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