What Are the Emergency Opening Methods for Smart Locks?

Many users are concerned about what happens if a smart lock, which combines electronics and mechanics, runs out of power. However, there's no need to worry because relevant standards require smart locks to have emergency opening methods. Let's take a look at the current emergency opening methods of smart locks.

1. Emergency Mechanical Key of Smart Lock

The emergency mechanical key is currently the most common emergency opening method for smart locks, and practically all smart locks have this function. When the smart lock runs out of power or the electronic part malfunctions, users can use the mechanical key to open the door lock. But some users may have trouble carrying keys when going out because smart locks are too convenient.

This problem is easily solved. We recommend that users can put the emergency mechanical key in a commonly used bag or car for emergency use. Even if the mechanical key is not carried, users do not have to worry about the battery running out and not being able to return home because smart locks now have emergency charging ports.

2. Emergency Charging Function of Smart Lock

Nowadays, emergency charging function has become a standard feature of smart locks, and practically every smart lock is equipped with this function. Generally, the emergency charging port of the smart lock is at the bottom of the front panel. When the smart lock runs out of power, users can use a power bank and a mobile phone data cable to emergency charge the smart lock, and the door can be opened within a few minutes.

If it is an old model smart lock, there may still be some that use a 9V battery as an emergency charging method. If users use this type of old smart lock, they can buy a 9V battery at a nearby supermarket to emergency open the smart lock and return home.

3. Emergency mechanical password of smart lock

Some smart door locks also have an emergency mechanical password function, which allows users to open the lock using a physical keypad in case the electronic part of the lock fails. This function is convenient for those who don't want to carry a physical key and prefer to use a password to enter their home or business. The experience of using the mechanical password function is similar to that of using an electronic password.

4. Other emergency opening methods of smart lock

There are also some more obscure or uncommon emergency opening methods for smart locks:

Self-Generating Emergency Opening Method

Some smart lock products on the market have self-generating functions installed on the handle. When the battery runs out, users only need to rotate the generator switch to generate electricity for the smart lock by shaking the handle a few times, thus achieving emergency opening.

Reverse Emergency Charging Opening Method

Some companies have applied high-end reverse charging technology (also known as wireless charging) only available on premium phones to smart locks. As long as a phone with reverse charging function is used, the smart lock can be charged and opened in an emergency.

In conclusion, smart door locks provide convenience and security to users, but it's important to know the emergency opening methods in case of any unexpected situation. Make sure to store the emergency mechanical key in a safe place, charge the lock regularly, and know the emergency mechanical password if your lock has this feature.

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