What Do We Need to Know when Purchasing a Smart Lock?

Nowadays, most people still use traditional mechanical locks. But its safety rating is relatively low. With the development of science and technology, the smart lock with high security and convenience comes into being, which is intelligent and humanized. Today we share with you how to choose a good smart lock.

1. Functions of smart lock

Main functions: fingerprint recognition, door opening with key, door opening with password, doorbell. Some smart locks can even be unlocked by face recognition.

2. Factors to consider when purchasing smart door locks

(1) Smart lock is a universal household product, which could be used on different styles of doors. Therefore, the basic principle of smart lock design is simple and versatile. Moreover, we must ensure the quality and stability of the product when choosing the smart lock.

(2) Due to the birth of IoT, common fingerprint lock and password lock in the current market have become less smart, while simple and more convenient operation has become the main focus of the market. Advanced smart locks have a variety of unlocking methods, such as reserved emergency keys, unlocking with an APP, mastering door lock information, and enjoying safe and remote operation.

(3) In our daily life, when we close the door, we may forget to lock it, which will leave behind the hidden danger of burglary. When using a smart lock, we would know whether the door is locked, so that our family would be more convenient and worry-free.

(4) As for a good smart product, quality and safety are both important. It must pass the quality certification of the relevant inspection department.

(5) When buying smart locks, we should focus not only on the price, but also on the quality, stability and after-sale service of the products.

(6) When buying, we must know the specific situation of the after-sales service of the brand. When there is a problem, there should be a support team that can provide solutions. To a reliable company, the sale of smart locks does not mean termination, the service has just begun.

(7) Data protection is also a function that a good smart lock needs. The smart lock with good data protection should have the ability to restore the original data in case of accidents such as power failure or power replacement.

Whether to buy a smart lock includes a slim smart door lockwholesale electronic lock should be decided according to the actual needs of the family members. Do not blindly follow the trend. Smart locks just provide a more convenient and smart life, not necessarily the most secure choice. So we need to pay extra attention to choosing the most suitable one for our houses.

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