Why Are More and More Face Recognition Smart Locks Being Used?

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in households, and it's only a matter of time before they become commonplace. In the 21st century, people are always looking for the latest and most advanced products that can minimize physical labor and bring convenience to their lives. Smart locks are one such product that can offer both convenience and property security, and they are likely to become an integral part of smart homes in the future.

Currently, smart locks come with a wide range of functions, including face recognition, fingerprint, password, card, mechanical key, peephole unlocking, capture, monitoring, palm print, vein, pupil, and remote real-time monitoring. The most popular unlocking methods for smart locks are fingerprint, face, and password. However, there is a noticeable shift among young people towards face recognition as their preferred method of unlocking.

Face recognition smart locks are considered more advanced than other types

The face recognition function in smart locks uses a highly sophisticated method to create a 3D structure of a real face. And with advanced technology, these locks can even recognize photos to prevent safety concerns. It's no wonder people feel much safer using face recognition smart locks.

Face recognition smart locks make it easier to open anti-theft doors

Users only need to stand in front of the lock, and the door can be opened without having to reach out and physically turn the lock. This is particularly convenient when both hands are full.

In contrast, non-face recognition smart locks require users to input the opening information manually, which can be less convenient than face recognition smart locks.

Face recognition smart locks effectively solve the problem of low fingerprint recognition rate

While the installation of smart locks is primarily intended to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying mechanical keys, some people may encounter difficulties with fingerprint recognition, particularly if they have dry or smooth skin. In such cases, face recognition smart locks can be an excellent alternative.

Face recognition smart locks have capture, real-time monitoring, and remote unlocking functions

Moreover, face recognition smart locks have additional features, such as capture, real-time monitoring, and remote unlocking. With remote peephole opening, users can open the lock via their mobile phone after someone arrives at the home. Some face recognition smart locks even have a capture function, where the lock automatically takes a picture and sends it to the owner's phone if someone stays outside the door for too long.

In addition, some advanced face recognition smart locks produced face recognition lock supplier have real-time monitoring and intercom functions, which allow users to see who is outside the door through their phone's camera and communicate through voice intercom. This is especially useful when dealing with strangers, as users can communicate with them through their phone and even ask them to leave if necessary.

Overall, face recognition smart locks are an excellent investment for households looking to enhance their security and convenience. With their advanced features, they offer a superior alternative to traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint recognition, and other forms of smart locks. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more advanced and innovative features in future iterations of smart locks.

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