Are There Use Skills of Smart Lock?

As smart technology continues to develop, smart locks are continuously improving and innovating. With their strong security and convenience, smart locks have solved many issues and shortcomings of traditional mechanical locks and become the best choice for people looking to replace their traditional door locks.

However, smart locks are different from mechanical locks, as they are high-tech electronic products that require scientific use and careful maintenance in daily use to maximize their value. Otherwise, the service life of the smart lock may be shortened, and problems may arise.

Frequent Backup For The Important Information

After the installation of the new smart lock is completed, the first thing is to keep two things: mechanical key and administrator password.

Mechanical Keys

The mechanical key serves as an emergency locking method and plays a crucial role in situations where there is a complete lack of power or the smart lock fails to function properly. Therefore, it is recommended that users store the mechanical key in a hidden location, such as their car, parents' home, or office, to ensure it is easily accessible in case of smart lock problems.

Administrator Password

The administrator password is held by the user with the highest authority and can perform all functional operations. They can add, modify or delete user information, change the operation mode of the smart lock, and adjust other settings. To modify these settings, the user needs to obtain administrator privileges by providing verification, which can be a fingerprint or a password. It is crucial to keep the administrator password safe and prevent it from being leaked, as it provides access to sensitive information and control over the smart lock.

Improving Fingerprint Input Skills

Some users may rush when entering fingerprints, resulting in poor quality fingerprints. This not only increases the difficulty of recognition but also causes a bad user experience. Here is a tip to improve the recognition rate: when recording fingerprints, place the fingertips on the small bump on the front of the fingerprint module and press down to identify the fingerprint. Ensure that the finger pad is in full contact with the fingerprint module sensor and repeat the process at different angles. This can effectively improve the recognition rate.

For elderly people and children whose fingerprints are badly worn or light and difficult to identify, it is recommended to input multiple finger fingerprints or carry an induction card as a spare. Alternatively, they can use password verification to unlock or purchase a smart lock with a face recognition function.

Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Firstly, when using the smart lock, users should avoid applying excessive force when pressing their finger onto the sensor for recognition or input. Secondly, users should avoid contact with corrosive substances, especially in the fingerprint identification area.

When cleaning the smart lock, it is essential to use a dry soft cloth and wipe gently. Avoid using corrosive substances, detergents or wire cleaning balls, as they may cause damage or scratches that can affect the smart lock's functionality.

It is worth noting that users should regularly check the battery status of their smart lock. If the battery is too low or shows signs of leakage, replace it with a new battery as soon as possible. Additionally, when replacing the battery, do not mix old and new batteries to reduce the occurrence of safety risks.

Emergency Charging Tips

When the battery of the smart lock is low, the smart lock will issue a voice reminder during the daily opening process, saying "the battery is too low, please replace the battery". However, what if a user fails to replace the battery in time and the smart lock loses all power, resulting in being locked out of the door?

Don't panic. The smart lock has a dual emergency unlocking function. Users can use the mechanical key or an external mobile power source for emergency power supply to charge the smart lock and unlock it.

Typically, after the first low-power alarm, the smart lock can be normally opened about 100 times. However, to avoid any accidents, it is best to replace the battery as soon as possible.

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