Four Tips for Maintaining Smart Door Locks

Compared with ordinary door locks, smart door locks bring convenience to our daily life. The smart door lock is easy to use, so we need to take regular care of it to prolong its service life. The maintenance of smart door locks is not only for the internal system structure but also for the appearance. So, what can you do to make your lock last longer?

1. Regularly clean the smart door lock

Although the high-safety vein locks are all corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel or zinc alloys, it is best not to use corrosive cleaners when wiping. In addition, it shouldn't be cleaned with steel wool since scratches on the surface will make it not beautiful.

Common smart door locks on the market need to maintain their identification modules every day. Because the dust on the door lock sensor that has been used for a long time will affect the opening and closing sensitivity of the door lock. It is necessary to gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth, and prevent scratching the fingerprint sensor at the same time.

The vein lock uses blood vessel recognition. If the lock surface is stained, it will not affect the sensitivity of the switch lock, and it does not matter if the fingers are dirty. Keeping the lock surface clean is just for aesthetics.

Finger vein identification technology is a relatively new and cutting-edge new generation of biometric identification methods. It is far superior to fingerprint identification technologies in terms of high security and ease of use.

The vein smart lock uses finger vein recognition, which is designed by he absorption characteristics of hemoglobin in human veins to near-infrared rays. This kind of lock uses near-infrared rays to irradiate the finger to obtain an image of the distribution of veins and blood vessels in the finger, so as to identify and authenticate the identity.

2. Please let a professional to fix smart door locks

The internal structure of smart door locks is much more complicated than traditional mechanical locks. When installing or repairing, it must be handed over to professional installers to ensure that the space between the door and the door frame, the lock body, and the door panel is reasonably reserved to avoid inconsistency between the parts.

3. Do not use smart locks violently

Due to the high-security vein lock with the relock secondary re-lock technology, it will automatically lock to ensure safety when it encounters a violent opening. Therefore, it is best not to pull it vigorously when using it, so as not to activate the relock mechanism and cause unnecessary trouble.

In addition, the vein recognition module is a very sensitive electronic device, do not rub it with hard or sharp objects.

4. Regularly check the battery of the smart door lock

If you go out for a long time or in humid and hot seasons, you should pay attention to whether the battery will leak and corrode the smart lock. If you find that the battery is low or leaking, please replace it with a new battery immediately, and do not mix old and new batteries.

In terms of daily care of smart door locks, we must maintain good usage habits, not operate smart locks rudely or arbitrarily, and not hang heavy objects on the door handle. You can also protect your door locks by following these simple rules. As a leading smart door lock supplier, Aptenontech provides wholesale smart locksmortise lock homekit and other high quality door lock. Feel free to contact us.

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