How to Choose a Smart Door Lock?

Ⅰ. What is a smart door lock?

Smart door locks are also referred to as smart locks. It refers to a lock that is different from traditional mechanical locks and is more intelligent and simplified in terms of user safety, identification and management, and is the executive component of door locking in the access control system. Different from traditional mechanical locks, it is a composite lock with safety, convenience and advanced technology.

Ⅱ. The purchase points of smart door locks

The door lock, as the first line of protection of the family, must bear the responsibility of guarding the safety of the family. When consumers buy smart door locks provided by smart door lock supplier, they must buy smart door lock products through official channels, and carefully check whether the product packaging is clear , and whether it has a certificate, manual, warranty card, etc.

The parameters to focus on as below:

1. Lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is the core part of the door lock. At present, the lock cylinders on the market can be divided into A (professionals can unlock within 30 seconds), B (professionals can unlock within 5-120 minutes), C (professionals can unlock within 5-120 minutes), C (professionals 270 It can be unlocked for more than a minute) in three levels. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers try to choose smart door locks equipped with C-level lock cylinders when conditions permit.

At the same time, be sure to choose a smart lock that has passed the third-party security certification and has an active defense function, otherwise there may be security risks such as door picking and cracking.

2. Unlocking way

For people who always forget their keys, smart door locks are the perfect choice, and they only need to verify their fingerprints every time they go home. Of course, smart door locks are not only unlocked by fingerprints, but also unlocked by passwords, cards, mechanical keys, and mobile APPs. Usually smart door locks use a combination of multiple unlocking methods.

Generally speaking, fingerprint and password unlocking are suitable for office workers, children, the elderly, etc., while temporary password unlocking is suitable for use when relatives and friends visit. It should be noted that a qualified China smart door lock must be equipped with a corresponding mechanical key as a backup unlocking method.

3. The functionality of the door lock

When choosing wholesale smart locks, it is necessary to fully consider the functionality of the smart door lock, and choose a smart door lock that meets the needs of the family according to actual needs.

The functions of smart door locks usually include: remote control via mobile APP, setting temporary passwords, automatically taking pictures when someone stays in front of the door abnormally and sending reminders to the owner, recording the time and number of times the whole family goes in and out, etc. When purchasing, it is necessary to fully consider whether the security functions provided by the smart door lock are required by the family, and purchase according to specific needs.

If the smart door lock works with the information identification card, the information identification card should be properly kept to prevent it from being illegally read and copied.  In case of infringement of the smart door lock, evidence should be collected in time and reported to the local consumer association or market supervision department Complaints and reports to protect legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.

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