The E15 smart lever door lock combines aesthetics and the experience of smart home life. The ultra-thin all-zinc alloy appearance makes simple smart life easy to reach. The large-size and high-resolution touch panel can accurately display the operation process.The electronic lever lock embodies the luxurious style in details and provides a new safe smart lock experience.

Front handle type fingerprint head with one-step unlock function

The semiconductor sensor is designed to be integrated with the door handle. High-sensitivity semiconductor fingerprint head with self-learning AI algorithm with one-step learning function. The more use, the more sensitive.

Independent double lock knob

The independent anti-cat eye function can be freely switched.Prevent pets or children from opening the door by mistake, and the door handle should be separated after opening the door.

The alarm function prevent dangerous and unsuspected

The front panel is deformed due to picking and an alarm buzzer will sound automatically.When the battery is low, the lock will remind users to replace the battery. The lock will be bound by 5 errors within 5 minutes and enter a 90-second sleep mode.

Post time: Apr-15-2021

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