Selection Guide of Smart Lock: The Most Practical Tips on the Smart Lock

Smart locks, as a product of latest technology, have advantages over traditional locks in terms of performance and convenience, and are therefore favored by more and more families, which have become the first choice for home improvement.

However, there are tips to the purchase of smart locks. Let's look at the ultra-detailed strategy together!

Why choose a smart door lock?


The security level of the lock cylinder is divided into A class, B class, C class, and the security factor is also in increasing order. The a-class lock is the easiest one to break, while c-class is the main applied lock cylinder of smart lock products on the market provided by smart door lock manufacturers, with the highest security coefficient.

The key shape of the C-class lock is a single-sided blade with the internal milled slot, external milled slot key or a double row + blade form. The lock core type is the side column lock core, the bullet structure is the double row of blades plus V side column lock. If the lock core is opened with strong tools, the lock core will be internally damaged, that is, self-exploding and deadly locking, resulting in the inability to open it.

In addition, a good smart lock adopts the semiconductor capacitive fingerprint head, and only a living fingerprint can be recognized to open the lock, so there is no possibility of fingerprints being copied to open the lock. Some smart locks also have a network monitoring function, so users can always monitor the lock status on the APP. Once someone opens the door, user will receive an alert message.


The necessary features of today's smart locks are: automatic locking, multiple ways of opening the lock such as fingerprint password, remote door opening via APP, etc. That is to say, when the host is back home, with just a grip and a twist, he can enter the door; when leaving home, just close the door, and do not have to repeatedly determine whether to lock the door; guests can also be given a temporary password, or the host can open the door remotely.

Imagine the scenario that when no one is at home, friends need to pick up things, or the host is not at home and have relatives and friends to come. All the problems which previously were troublesome are now solved with the powerful smart lock.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a smart door lock?

Lock core

Lock core is an important factor in determining the price and security of a fingerprint lock, because different levels of lock cores have different security levels. Fingerprint lock core level can be divided into B-class and C-class in accordance with the industry regulations. The former can protect itself from technical unlocking for up to half an hour, while the latter can hold on for at least 270 minutes. The gap between the two is obvious.

Fingerprint head

The fingerprint head of fingerprint lock is divided into two main types: optical fingerprint head and semiconductor fingerprint head. Generally speaking, the price of semiconductor fingerprint head will be higher than that of optical fingerprint head, and the recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint head is also better than that of the optical one.

Lock body

The materials of fingerprint lock body are mainly: stainless steel, zinc alloy and iron. Lock body structure using pure stainless steel, its mechanical strength and stability are much higher than the alloy type latch which is popular on the current market, with excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-wear ability, longer service life, higher security.

Look at the brand

Now on the market brands of smart lock are varied. We should choose reliable smart door lock manufacturers like Tenon smart lock, so the product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

We also need to consider according to our own needs combined with security performance. For example, users who emphasize on the appearance should pay attention to the overall aesthetics and workmanship of the panel, and families with children should choose products equipped with child locks.

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