The Reasons Why Smart Locks Are Popular

With the improvement of living standards, people are gradually recognizing and using smart home products such as smart TVs, smart curtains, and smart speakers. As smart homes continue to develop, smart locks are slowly entering households and gaining popularity for several reasons.

Reasons why smart locks are becoming increasingly popular:

  1. Smart locks use new opening methods such as fingerprints, mobile phones, and passwords, eliminating the constraints of keys. This means users do not need to carry keys when going out or worry about losing them, greatly improving convenience compared to mechanical locks.

  2. Smart locks have an anti-pry alarm function and can be linked with other smart home and security devices such as smart cat eyes, smart doorbells, and smart cameras to achieve real-time active defense. This upgrade means the locks are now proactive in theft prevention, increasing security compared to mechanical locks.

  3. Smart locks offer family care functions, such as recording the opening of doors by parents and children, reminding family members who have not returned home, and setting temporary keys for distant relatives, friends, temporary workers, and babysitters. These features allow family members to always know the status of who enters and leaves the house and ensures they are not locked out, giving them more care and concern.

  4. The appearance of smart locks is fashionable, cool, and more technological, which can integrate with modern decoration styles, making them more aesthetically pleasing for younger generations.

While smart locks offer many benefits, they are still related to personal and property safety. When purchasing, it is crucial not to be careless or greedy for cheap prices. One should not turn a smart lock, which was originally bought for convenience, into a pile of troubles.

Smart locks are an electromechanical integrated product that combines over 20 disciplines and fields, including electronics, IoT, biometrics, and mechanics. Additionally, smart locks involve surface treatments and production processes such as electroplating, painting, and polishing. Combining so many disciplines and components requires ensuring its stability, which is not a simple task.

To make a seemingly simple smart lock well, an enterprise must have strong research and development, design, production capabilities, and product testing capabilities. Unfortunately, a smart lock that costs only a few hundred yuan will inevitably compress production, material, and accessory costs to be cheap. As a result, product quality and stability are difficult to guarantee.

In summary, although smart locks are getting popular, you shouldn't buy one randomly. Smart locks are complex products that require a great deal of expertise and resources to ensure their stability and quality. While cheap options may seem attractive, it's important to invest in a reputable brand that prioritizes product quality and safety to ensure your family's security.

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