Why Are More and More Consumers Choosing to Install Smart Locks?

Many consumers have heard of smart locks, but when it comes to buying them, they often have many questions in their minds, especially about their security, which brand to trust, whether they are expensive or not, and so on.

Are smart locks as safe as mechanical locks?

In many people's impressions, electronic things are definitely not as safe as pure mechanical things. In fact, smart locks are a combination of "mechanical locks + electronics", which means that smart locks are developed on the basis of mechanical locks, and the mechanical part is basically the same as mechanical locks, such as C-class lock cores, lock bodies, mechanical keys, etc., so in terms of anti-technical opening, they are basically the same.

The advantage of smart door locks is that most smart locks have networking functionality, which enables them to have anti-prying lock alarms and allows users to monitor the real-time status of the door lock. Thus, they are generally more secure than mechanical locks.

Currently, there are also visual smart locks on the market, which allow users to monitor the dynamics in front of the door in real time through their phones, and even allow for remote video conversation and unlocking. Overall, smart locks are much safer than mechanical locks.

Are smart locks easy to crack?

Many consumers have learned from the news that smart locks can be easily cracked by small black boxes, fake fingerprints, or hacking. In fact, after the small black box incident, most smart locks now have the ability to resist small black box attacks because manufacturers have upgraded their smart lock products.

Regarding fake fingerprint replication, it is actually a very difficult thing to do. The replication process is fairly complex, and network attacks can only be performed by hackers. Ordinary thieves do not have this ability to crack smart locks, and even hackers are not interested in cracking a smart lock in an ordinary home. Furthermore, now, smart locks have made efforts in their network security and biometric security, which makes them relatively secure against ordinary thieves.

Do smart locks have to be purchased from big brands?

Big brands have their advantages, while small brands have theirs. Of course, large brands usually have wider service and sales coverage. When it comes to quality, there is not much difference between large and small brands, as long as one is not overly pursuing "cheapness".

Unlike home appliances, when smart locks fail, users face being unable to return home. Therefore, the quality, stability, and service response are very important factors to consider when purchasing a smart lock.

In short, when buying a smart lock from smart lock manufacturers, the most important thing is to choose one with good quality and service, regardless of whether it is a big or small brand.

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