Why Can't the Automatic Smart Lock Be Opened?

What is an automatic smart lock?

An automatic smart lock is simply when the chip sends an instruction to the motor to move the lock core after the correct unlocking information has been entered, which then opens the anti-theft door without requiring any manual labour, thereby achieving automatic opening of the anti-theft door.

There are currently two main types of automatic smart locks: facial recognition smart locks and fingerprint recognition smart locks.

Facial recognition smart locks are mainly equipped with functions such as facial recognition, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, card recognition, password recognition, and mechanical opening; these types of locks generally come with camera monitoring functions.

The main functions of automatic smart locks provided by smart lock manufacturers include fingerprint recognition, password recognition, card recognition, and mechanical key opening; some locks also come with monitoring and mobile app functions.

Reasons why automatic smart locks cannot be opened

Reasons why facial recognition smart locks cannot be opened

Reasons why fingerprint automatic smart locks cannot be opened

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