A Guide to Choosing a Smart Door Lock

On the market, there are many smart door locks priced at two or three thousand, so consumers are easily attracted when they see low-priced locks. However, the material, testing standards, and technical reserves of low-cost locks are affected by cost factors, which are far less than big brands and old brands Some cheap ones even have no pre-sale and after-sale. Therefore, when you want to install a safety lock at home, it is necessary to learn more about it.

What are the points for identifying smart door locks produced by smart door lock supplier?

1. Check the lock cylinder of the smart lock

In fact, many consumers do not know the classification of the lock cylinder. As the core of a lock, the level of the lock cylinder directly affects its security performance and should be clearly distinguished.

A-level lock cylinders use straight and cross keys, which are usually opened by thieves in ten seconds, so the safety level is extremely low.

Grade B uses a flat key with double rows of marble slots. The difference from Grade A is the lines on the key. The lock cylinders of smart door locks are mainly divided into three types: computer double-row lock cylinders; double-row crescent lock cylinders; double-sided blade lock cylinders. It takes 5-120 minutes for professionals to open the B-level lock cylinder, which is relatively safe.

The C-level lock cylinder adopts the patented key of double row, computer, and compound curve groove, which cannot be opened technically in 270 minutes. C-level lock cylinders are widely used in the financial industry and are rarely used for civilian use.

2. Background of smart door lock

There are so many brands of smart door locks including luxury smart door lock, the competition is fierce. Many merchants are fighting a price war. These merchants either advertise themselves as inflating prices or compete to lower costs and prices. Although we often say that "cheap things are not good", "the more expensive the better" is also not suitable for smart door locks.

The price of mainstream smart door locks on the market is around 1000-3000 yuan, which can meet the basic needs of consumers. Those below this price range have many deficiencies in technology, materials, supply chain, and other aspects due to cost constraints, which directly or indirectly lead to potential safety hazards in the products. For products above this price range, in addition to verifying the quality they should have, it is also necessary to examine the origin and history of the products to identify whether they are worth the price.

3. Check the services of smart door lock companies

Wholesale smart locks are by no means a simple commodity. Consumers will not easily pay for the introduction with pictures and texts alone. Because of this, consumers will also have certain difficulties in choosing. Regardless of the product, after-sales problems will lead to consumer dissatisfaction and speculation.

As a safe product, under the premise of zero tolerance for its own quality defects, perfect pre-sales and after-sales are even more indispensable. Therefore, it is also important to choose products with pre-sale and after-sale guarantees and confirm the service quality.

In addition to paying more attention when choosing, you should also try to develop good habits in use.

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