How Much Do You Know About the Basic Structure of Smart Locks?

1. Panel of smart lock

The materials used in the manufacture of smart door lock panels on the market are various: zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and so on.

2. Lock body of smart lock

The main material of the lock body is stainless steel, but there are also zinc alloy and iron. There are two types of lock body: standard lock body and overlord lock body.

3. Circuit board of smart lock

Circuit board is the core of smart lock, equivalent to the brain of smart lock. Without this piece, smart lock can not be called smart lock! The circuit board will affect the performance of the smart lock.

4. Motor of smart lock

The motor powers the smart lock, which consumes very little power. When you use your password or swipe your card or fingerprint to open the lock, you will hear the sound of the motor turning once.

5. Handle of smart lock

Smart lock handles are roughly divided into long handles and round handles. Different smart lock handles can be selected according to different needs.


6. Display screen of smart lock

The display screen has blue light display and white light display. The operation of smart lock with a display screen will be more intuitive and easy. But some smart locks don't have one due to the size limitation or other issues. 

7. Keyboard of smart lock

The keyboard of smart lock usually uses the light reflection to identify the input, and the keyboard light is mainly divided into blue and white. (Some people think white light will reflect better than blue light, so white light keyboard will be more sensitive)

8. Fingerprint head of smart lock

The fingerprint head of the smart lock is mainly divided into two kinds, optical fingerprint head and semiconductor fingerprint head. Generally speaking, the price of the semiconductor fingerprint head will be slightly higher than that of the optical fingerprint head, but optical fingerprint heads with more recognition points can be more expensive than semiconductor fingerprint heads of average quality.

9. Lock core of smart lock

The lock core is an important factor to determine the price of a smart lock, because the security levels of different lock cores are not the same. The smart lock using the super B (C) lock core will be more secure in preventing mechanical unlocking.

10. Battery slot of smart lock

The battery slots of current mainstream smart locks are for 4 batteries and 8 batteries.

11. Locking knob of smart lock

Basically all household smart locks are configured with the locking knob to complete the locking from inside the door.

12. Slide cover of smart lock

Some smart locks have a slide cover and others don't. The smart lock with a slide cover can protect the lock opening part of the smart lock (keyboard, fingerprint head, and display screen). You can choose different types according to different needs.

13. Module of smart lock

This is the part of the Internet of Things of smart lock. Combining module and WIFI, smart locks can realize the IoT, which is the most popular remote unlocking in recent years. People can receive the messages, and view the unlocking records online. Depending on the communication protocol used by the smart lock, the Internet of Things used inside the smart lock will also be different.

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