Analysis of Common Problems with Smart Locks

Is it safe to use smart locks?

Whether fingerprints can be used for identification depends on how to collect features to achieve correct matching. Everyone's fingerprints are different, which is a clear difference between fingers of the same person. Therefore, fingerprints can be used for human recognition.

How to choose high-quality smart locks?

Excellent smart locks can issue alarms, connect to special APPs, record unlocking activities, and push them in real time.

When choosing smart lock materials, please check the appearance color. The pure copper material smart lock is polished and passivated. The stainless steel smart lock is lighter than the copper smart lock and has obvious characteristics, that is, the color and shape are not too diversified. The Zine alloy smart lock has a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, including various releases and slides.

A smart lock needs to be used for at least 5 years, otherwise the product quality cannot be guaranteed and after-sales service is needed. High-quality after-sales service.

What elements should be paid attention to for smart locks?

This depends on brand recognition. With the booming development of the global smart lock market, smart lock brands have become the only certainty. However, consumers must pay attention to the difference between brand and trademark. Registering trademarks has a certain brand awareness and reputation for a brand. Therefore, investors should understand whether it is a real brand when choosing a brand.

Smart locks are consumables and need maintenance. High-quality after-sales service is very important, and enterprises need to spend a lot of money to rearrange costs.

Manufacturers do not have production qualifications and corresponding certificate procedures, so the smart locks sold to users are products without ID cards.

What are the benefits of using smart locks?

Safe, reliable, convenient, and fashionable.

How to distinguish the quality of smart locks?

Check the three indicators provided by the manufacturer's technical specifications, including scrap rate, misidentification rate, and fingerprint recognition time. In addition, the plug-in lock is also important, including the material, lock line, function, etc. of the lock core.

How to choose a smart lock manufacturer?

The main responsibility of smart locks is to protect home safety. Therefore, if the basic security of the smart lock cannot be guaranteed, there is no need to consider other details. Therefore, if the basic security of the smart lock cannot be guaranteed, there is no need to consider other details. How to judge the security of smart locks? We can analyze it based on the following points: What is the level of the cylinder? What is the cylinder grade? Is the fingerprint head a semiconductor? Is the handle a military handle? Is the core of the plug true?

If there is no good smart lock, smart lock is the core evaluation of smart lock manufacturers, which proves that the smart lock manufacturers are not good at all.

Smart locks are mechanical equipment. Since we cannot avoid troubleshooting, it is necessary to establish a perfect after-sales service.

Which is better, smart locks or mechanical locks?

Smart locks are different from traditional locks and have better user recognition, security, and management functions.

What are the main advantages of using smart locks?

The security of fingerprint locks is more unique than mechanical keys, because there are no duplicate fingerprints in the world. Using fingerprint locks to unlock is convenient and effective. The unlocking method of fingerprint locks depends on fingerprints and passwords. Don't worry about taking the key away, the key is already lost. The use of smart locks has not yet become popular, but smart homes are a symbol of quality life.

What is the best brand in the smart lock industry?

When users choose smart lock products on the market, they should pay attention to "reliability, stability, and intelligence".

What should I do if the smart lock cannot open the door?

When the fingerprint access control cannot open the door, please check whether it is caused by the following reasons:

After pressing the fingerprint, the user will first issue a "beep" sound, and the control system has responded. The motor does not turn, so the handle is turned to unlock the door. About 1 second later, the user will hear the voice prompt of "Da! beep! beep! beep!" and press the handle to open the door.

What elements should be noticed when choosing smart locks?

When consumers choose smart locks in the market, they will pay more attention to quality certification, brand awareness, after-sales service, and manufacturer qualifications. Enhance your home security with the Tenon Smart Lock, one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers. The Tenon Smart Lock offers seamless integration with your smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely and effortlessly.

AP tenon can also offer the following tenon digital lock :

Tenon a7xTenon a7Tenon a5Tenon k6Tenon a2Sliding door smart lockCommercial smart lock, etc.

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