Common Problems During the Installation of Smart Lock

The following solutions are just for common situations. If any issues occur when you install the smart lock and you're not sure about the solution, ask your manufacturer first. 

1. The smart door lock handle cannot be returned after pressing

During the installation of smart locks, especially for locks with inner and outer U-shaped handles, sometimes the handle cannot be returned after the handle is pressed down.

There are two main reasons for this situation: The square steel hole is misaligned or too small. If the connecting holes of the front and rear panels are out of alignment or too small, it is mainly due to the problem of tappings. The drawings need to be compared again to expand the tapping area.

2. The bolt of the smart lock does not pop out, and the door cannot be closed

In this case, after troubleshooting the problem of the smart lock lock body being stuck, it is necessary to consider whether the hole size on the door frame is wrong, and it is necessary to re-open the hole by comparing the hole drawing with the angle grinder. Guide pieces can also be installed if the door seam allows.

3. The bolt of the smart lock is difficult to pop out and the door closing is not smooth

This is still a guide piece problem. A milling cutter can be used to open the guide piece holes forward. It is suggested for new users to compare the drawings, otherwise it will be troublesome if the door is opened too large, and the door will shake.

4. The door body moves back and forth after the installation of the smart lock

If the door moves back and forth after installation, there are two possibilities: the door seam is too large or the door frame hole is too large, and the bolt of the smart lock moves in the frame.

Solution: break the two guide plates on the lock bolt hole of guide piece on the door frame inward or directly dip the wool strip on the door. In short, the bolt should be completely and stably entered into the bolt hole of the guide piece.

5. The rear door needs to be closed with a large force after the installation of the smart lock

In general, it is because the position of the lock point of the smart lock is relatively forward, and the door needs to be closed with a large force. In this case, you can use an angle grinder or a milling cutter to make the door frame hole forward. If there is a guide plate, you can move the guide plate forward.

6. After the smart lock is installed, it can be recognized, but the motor cannot open the door

Pay attention to this when installing, generally the square steel is short. Especially for the installation of mechanical lock body, or double fast double live lock body, the square steel is short and does not enter the handle hole.

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