K2 Tenon Mini Safeguard Samrt Doorlocks For Starting Your Green Lifes

In the past ten years, Tenon has been adhering to technological advancement and inherited beautiful-looking, user-friendly and safe inventions. Tenon fingerprint smart locks not only work hard on the door locks that are entered for the first time, but also carefully designed fingerprint door locks dedicated to indoor security, and are committed to building a comprehensive intelligent security system.

K2 smart indoor door lock is a new generation of mini-protection smart locks. Its stylish and simple design, frosted metal texture, and the unique structure of the U-shaped handle give full play to its functions. It only takes 30 minutes to install, and its pathway settings suitable for more scenes. The top semiconductor fingerprint reader is good at distinguishing fake and shallow fingerprints. You can choose a variety of unlocking methods, such as fingerprint, Mechanical key. It is also suitable for double latches(latch bolts and fixing bolts), which means more safety. Passed 200,000 professional laboratory tests to ensure lock quality.

K2 Tenon Mini Safeguard Samrt Doorlocks For Starting Your Green Lifes

If you live in a shared room, it is more convenient to install the K2 keyless entry door lock smartphone, and the unique structure of the U-shaped handle is cleverly designed. Tenement could get rid of the key constraints, and when the expiration of the lease, house-owners can delete the tenement’s fingerprint to avoid the trouble of replacing the locks frequently.

Tenon k2 smart lock was put on sale in the market, further promoting the public's understanding of indoor fingerprint door locks. Innovation-driven and breakthroughs continue to promote Tenon to become a leading brand in the field of smart door locks.Tenon continues to specialize in technology innovation, providing high-quality fingerprint door lock products on the market, build up a brand of the "China Fingerprint Door Lock Master".

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