Relationship Between Fingerprint Door Lock Product Experience and Security of Fingerprint Recognition Device

Product Experience of Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door locks are a popular and frequently used product that heavily relies on user experience. As consumers use it at least ten times a day, and some even more than thirty times, the user experience of fingerprint door locks plays a crucial role in determining the consumer's desire to buy the product.

The fingerprint recognition device is the core and most critical part of the fingerprint door lock experience. As it is the most frequently contacted and experienced part of the consumer's use process, the experience of the fingerprint recognition device is critical in determining the user experience of the fingerprint door lock product.

Security of Fingerprint Door Lock

The experience and security of fingerprint recognition devices are dialectical relationships in terms of hardware and software. Typically, a better experience and security performance will come at a higher cost. This is because a larger sensing area is required, higher-end algorithms are needed, and memory, speed, and processing power need to be faster to ensure a good experience.

However, this increase in costs and power consumption may be unacceptable for consumers. For instance, if fingerprint door locks need to replace batteries every week or two, consumers may not be willing to buy it. 

Alternatively, in order to reduce power consumption and make algorithms easier to pass, the security performance may be greatly reduced, even if the experience is better, and the door can be opened in 0.x seconds. In such cases, the fingerprint door lock may not be considered a safe lock, as it cannot guarantee security.

Therefore, when choosing a fingerprint door lock, it is essential to consider both the experience and security of the product to ensure that the product meets the desired standards. To achieve a better balance between experience and security, most fingerprint recognition device manufacturers now use a third method. They set a high premise of power consumption while simultaneously improving the level of algorithms, sensors, processors, and memory. This approach achieves the ultimate goal of providing an optimal fingerprint door lock product experience and ultimately reaches the level of consumer satisfaction.

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