Three Major Advantages of Smart Locks

As someone who has been in the smart lock industry for many years, I am very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks. Today, we will list the three biggest advantages of smart locks.

Smart locks are too convenient and easy to get addicted to

The biggest advantage of smart locks is that they are too easy to get addicted to. Since using a smart lock, I have become quite proud and slowly forgot about keys. Going out and closing the door, lifting the handle to lock and leaving without having to fumble for keys to lock it again.

Coming home, just press or scan your face/fingerprint, gently push and the door opens; no pockets for exercise clothes, because there is no need to worry about where to put the key; the courier has arrived, no one is home, give them a temporary key, leave the delivery, and no need for collection; distant relatives and friends come, give them a password, can enter the house and wait without waiting for you to return.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of smart door locks is that they are too convenient. Don't use smart locks, because you will get addicted and unable to quit.

Smart locks are too beautiful, making friends jealous

From the appearance design, there are sliding, handle, fully automatic, with different shapes and full of technology, with a higher value than mechanical locks, and can better blend into the overall home decoration style.

Because smart locks are too beautiful, it has caused envy among friends around me. They said, "Why didn't you introduce us to such a convenient and beautiful smart lock earlier?" Under my influence, my friends around me gradually began to use smart locks.

Therefore, the second advantage of smart locks is that they are too beautiful, making friends jealous.

Smart locks are too smart, loved by parents, disliked by children

Being called a "smart lock", "smart" is also one big advantage of it.

For example, the current smart locks not only support multiple convenient identification methods such as face, vein and fingerprint, but also can be linked with other smart home products, such as opening the door to automatically open curtains, lights, air conditioner, and play your favorite background music. When closing the door, the electrical appliances in the home automatically turn off, and the security equipment such as cameras automatically enter the defense mode.

Such a smart smart lock produced by smart door lock manufacturers not only brings users a new intelligent interaction and experience, but also brings users a safer environment.

Of course, the "intelligence" of smart locks is not only reflected in the intelligent scene, but also in door lock information push, viewing, alarm information push and viewing, etc., knowing the status of the door lock at any time, such as, after entering the wrong password multiple times, the smart lock will automatically lock in a few minutes, effectively preventing the possibility of unlocking by someone with ill intentions. At the same time, in case of burglary, attempted lock picking, left ajar or low battery, the smart lock will also issue a local voice alarm and immediately send the alarm information to the user's authorized mobile phone, helping users to always understand the situation at the front door and break the space limitation of traditional mechanical locks.

As the first line of defense for home security, when selecting a door lock, you must "keep your eyes open". Only locks with good anti-theft performance can establish a good security barrier for family and protect family members and property.

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