A Deep Understanding of Smart Lock

With the rapid development of science and technology, software and hardware are both getting more and more intelligent. More scientific and technical things get into our life. Smart lock breaks the limit in traditional locks, changes the traditional mode, and is gradually entering ordinary homes.

As consumer spending increases, people's demand for intelligent products is also increasing. As an intelligent product, the smart lock produced by smart lock supplier also plays an important role in people's life.

1. Eight Ways To Open Smart Lock:

(1) Fingerprint unlocking: use fingerprint identification technology to unlock the door.

(2) Password unlocking: if the fingerprint cannot be identified, you can use the method of password to unlock.

(3) Swipe the card to unlock: swipe the card directly to open, just like the hotel door lock.

(4) Unlocking: unlocking through interconnection technology.

(5) Mobile phone APP unlocking: you can use the phone app to control and monitor the smart lock, and unlock the lock by remote control.

(6) Palmar vein recognition unlocking: the use of 3D infrared recognition on palm lines, with high resolution and higher discrimination ability, accurate recognition of the input lines. During the scanning, the veins in the palm will be identified, and the door lock will be opened only when the match is complete. This technology was previously used in bank vaults, so its security is beyond doubt.

(7) Face recognition unlocking: the use of three-dimensional image face recognition technology, three-dimensional modelling of facial features, and comprehensive capture of facial features, to ensure excellent recognition. It is an impossible task to unlock the door with plane photos and video simulations.

(8) Emergency key: Yes, the smart door lock is also equipped with a key. But this key is the last way to open the door. If the smart lock is out of power or out of order by accident, the key can open the lock. (Reminder: Don't leave your keys at home. Leave them in your car or office in case you need them.)

2. Functions Of Smart Lock

(1) Fingerprint management function

Add a fingerprint, delete a fingerprint, empty fingerprints, query the door opening record, set system parameters and many other functions. But ordinary users can only open the door.

(2) Put an end to cloned fingerprints

Living fingerprint recognition technology can penetrate into the dermis of human skin tissue for fingerprint identification, and synchronizes the temperature, humidity and other indexes of the fingerprint when intercepting fingerprint images. In this way, the effectiveness and security of fingerprint recognition are improved.

(3) Free handle protection

Some products are equipped with free handles. When the handle is lifted up, it automatically locks. After the door is locked, the handle is in a free state. That means you can't open the door by simply pressing down the handle. This setting can effectively protect the internal structure of the lock body from being destroyed by violence.

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