Automatic or Semi-automatic: Which is Better for Fingerprint Cylinder Locks?

There are mainly two types of fingerprint locks on the market, semi-automatic fingerprint locks and full automatic fingerprint locks. Many friends may be confused when choosing which one is better. Some home experts recommend choosing semi-automatic fingerprint locks instead of full-automatic fingerprint locks. Below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of locks.

Semi-automatic fingerprint locks have a horizontal handle, which may not look as stylish and may have less sense of technology, making people feel more low-end. In comparison, the appearance of automatic fingerprint locks is more fashionable, with better streamlined, and opening the door is also effortless. Therefore, most young people nowadays will consider choosing full-automatic fingerprint locks when choosing fingerprint locks.

Some anti-theft doors may shorten the service life of the locks after installing full automatic fingerprint locks, and may even cause problems such as inability to open or close. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose the type of smart lock according to the quality of your own anti-theft door.

Semi-automatic fingerprint locks

The requirement of semi-automatic fingerprint locks for doors is the lowest in the entire smart lock industry. 99% of anti-theft doors can be equipped with semi-automatic fingerprint locks, as long as the quality of the locks is good, most semi-automatic fingerprint locks can open the locks. The better the quality of the door, the better the effect of opening the lock will be, and the lock will open more smoothly without resistance. After inputting the correct door-opening information, semi-automatic fingerprint locks can be opened by manual pressure on the handle. Even if the lock tongue is stuck in the door frame hole, the force applied by the human hand on the handle is enough to retract the lock tongue and open the lock, and there will be no phenomenon of being stuck and unable to open the door.

For semi-automatic fingerprint locks, as long as the quality of the locks is good, there will be no phenomenon of not being able to open the door, even if the lock tongue is stuck, there will be no phenomenon of still being locked outside the door.

Full-automatic fingerprint locks

If you consider installing full-automatic fingerprint locks, the quality of your anti-theft door or wooden door must be good, without deformation, sinking or particularly heavy opening and closing of the door, otherwise, it will greatly shorten the service life of the locks, and even cause problems of being unable to open the door.

Full-automatic fingerprint locks rely on the power of the motor to drive the lock cylinder, and the lock cylinder drives the lock body to open the door. Once the lock body hangs on the top and bottom poles and side lock points, the power required to drive the lock body by the motor will be greater, thus shortening the service life of the motor. Therefore, when using full-automatic fingerprint locks, try not to install top and bottom poles or side lock points.

Full-automatic smart locks have more face recognition functions, while most semi-automatic fingerprint locks do not, full-automatic fingerprint locks have functions such as face recognition, vein recognition, palm print recognition, and even remote monitoring and lock opening through mobile apps.

If you purchase a full-automatic fingerprint door lock with face recognition, be sure to choose products with 3D recognition, otherwise, the locks are easy to be opened by photos or pictures.

When purchasing fingerprint locks, you should put your own fingerprint on the lock and see what the recognition rate is. If the recognition rate of fingerprints is very low, it is not recommended to choose it.

When selecting smart locks, do not pursue cheaper prices, otherwise, it will not only have problems of cutting corners but even use plastic and inferior aluminium materials to produce them, resulting in short service life and poor hand feeling.

When replacing smart locks, the lock body must be replaced, and the lock body should be made of 304 steel to avoid lock rusting and inability to open or close the door during later use, especially for full automatic fingerprint door knob.

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